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Project Description
This is studying project hosted for self studying modern C++11
Thansk for microsoft's contribution for this release, and as you konwn, the VS2012 has already done for supporting C++11. So pls take easy and enjoy this fast, productive and beauty language.
Hurry up! Writing Modern C++

Bellows are some stuff refers to:
"What you might not know is that an increasing number of C++ programmers have folded up the dowdy C-style programming of yesterday and have donned modern C++ instead." - MSDN

Modern C++ emphasizes:
  • Stack-based scope instead of heap or static global scope.

  • Auto type inference instead of explicit type names.

  • Smart pointers instead of raw pointers.

  • std::string and std::wstring types (see <string>) instead of raw char[] arrays.

  • Standard template library (STL) containers like vector, list, and map instead of raw arrays or custom containers. See <vector><list>, and <map>.

  • STL algorithms instead of manually coded ones.

  • Exceptions, to report and handle error conditions.

  • Lock-free inter-thread communication using STL std::atomic<> (see <atomic>) instead of other inter-thread communication mechanisms.

  • Inline lambda functions instead of small functions implemented separately.

  • Range-based for loops to write more robust loops that work with arrays, STL containers, and Windows Runtime collections in the form for ( for-range-declaration : expression ). This is part of the Core Language support. For more information, see Range-based for Statement (C++).

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